generics + new = problem

Mauro <>
20 Apr 2007 11:39:25 -0700
HI All,
This problem is not new, I read a lot, but I still do not understand
if there's a solution or not (shame on me).

The problem is: I want to build a generic class that constructs new
instances of the type variable.

public interface IOCElement extends Serializable, ChangeEmitter {
    public String getName();

public class GenericListModel<T extends IOCElement> extends
        implements ComboBoxModel, ChangeListener {
    static final long serialVersionUID = 1l;

    private ArrayList<T> tList = null;

    public GenericListModel() {
        tList = new ArrayList<T>();

    // AbstractListModel implementation
    public Object getElementAt(int index) { return tList.get(index); }
    public int getSize() { return tList.size(); }
    // needed for FreeMarker
    public ArrayList<T> getTasks() { return tList; }
    // ComboBoxModel implementation
    transient private int selectedItem = -1;
    public Object getSelectedItem() { return (selectedItem>=0)?
get(selectedItem): null; }
    public void setSelectedItem(Object anItem) { if (anItem instanceof
IOCElement) { selectedItem = pos(((IOCElement)anItem).getName()); } }

    // API
    public T get(int index) { return tList.get(index); }
    public int add(String name) {
        int index = 0;
        if (tList.add(new T(name))) {
            index = tList.size();
            selectedItem = -1;
            fireIntervalAdded(this, index, index);
        return index-1;
..... etc. etc.

Everything is ok BUT the line that reads:
        if (tList.add(new T(name))) {

I understand that erasures make this difficult for the compiler, but:
Is there a way around this (possibly using newInstance(),
constructor() or whatever)?
Can someone tell me exactly what I should do? (if anything can be

Thanks in Advance

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