Re: betwixt list xml to bean problem, please help

 Sash <>
Fri, 01 Jun 2007 06:29:21 -0700
Problem solved. My Widget object also has a List field. Seems that
if you have a list field, you must provide a getter, setter and an add
method. I forgot to add the add method for the Widget class. Seems
silly though and just guessing how implemented, but could check class
and if add method is missing, create a list variable, fill it and then
use the setter method. Anyway, great library non the less.

On May 30, 7:04 pm, Sash <> wrote:


I've been using betwixt for a couple of days, really new to this
library. Anyway, using the sample provided on the site, have been
able to write simple beans to xml and then back again. However, when
I tried to use a bean that had a List of other beans, I got a weird
result. The xml is created properly, but when I try to create the
bean from xml, an empty object array is created of correct length but
with null values. If the list contained only one element, then
everythign works correctly. The list always has the same type of
object, a Widget. What am I doing wrong or what am I not doing. Tried
with betwixt 0.6 to 0.8. Thank you in advance for your comments!

Here is the class that was written to xml and back:

public class WidgetList implements Serializable {
 private List widgets = new ArrayList();

 public List getWidgets() {
  return widgets;
 public void addWidget(Widget widget) {
 public void setWidgets(List widgets) {
  this.widgets = widgets;

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