Re: SERVLET: Http Connection doesn't send data

Godofredo <>
Sun, 6 Jan 2008 07:01:08 -0800 (PST)
On Jan 5, 8:39 am, wrote:

I'm trying to write an application client/server with http protocol,
in JAVA. I need:

- client connects to the server,and after that,
- server continuously sends data to the client (as soon as they can be
obtained by an other server-side resource !! )

Client-side code is:

                        HttpURLConnectionis = httpConnection.getInputStream();

                        ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(is);
                        String toWrite=null;
                        do {

Server-side code (part of method doGet() of a servlet) is:

                        ObjectOutputStream os= new ObjectOutputStream
                        Signal sig; // Signal is a Java Class containing String messages

                        int i=0;
                        while (i<10) {
                                sig = obs.getSignal(); // "obs" is a LinkedBlockingQueue!!!!
                                os.writeObject(new String(sig.getValue())); // sig.getValue()
returns String

The problem is that data sent from server arrives to client ALL at the
end of the while-cicle, and not one by one!

Istead, by using a code like this:

                        ObjectOutputStream os= new ObjectOutputStream
                        int j=0;
                                os.writeObject(new String("\n SERVER: count"+j));
                        } arrives one by one!

I made lots of tries, variously modifying the code..and I noticed that
the problem is in using blocking methods
(in fact, the behaviour is same if forcing the current Thread to sleep
- eg Thread.sleep(1000) -).

Where's the problem??

Try os.flush();
Best wishes

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