Re: Generics and Polymorphism

Daniel Pitts <>
Thu, 01 May 2008 09:24:47 -0700
Jason Cavett wrote:

On Apr 29, 3:52 pm, Daniel Pitts
<> wrote:

Alternatively, you can have a less generic Preferences class that has
fields and getters/setters for each preference that can be set.

I'm not sure what you mean by preferences vs. configuration.
(However, intuitively, I would say that these are preferences.)

When you say, "you can have less generic Preferences class..." do you
mean, I don't program to a generic interface and, instead, each
preference object has a similar naming scheme, but each knows exactly
what it has to set and get?

class Preference1 {
  void set(String blah) ...
  String get() ...

class Preference2 {
  void set(Boolean blah) ...
  Boolean get() ...

Something along those lines?

Thanks again for your help.

Actually, I was more along the lines of:

public class Preferences implements Serializable {
   private static final long serialVersionUID = 1;
   private Color favoriteColor;
   private String explitive;
   private boolean coldSoup;
   public enum Animal {
      cat, dog, bird, fish;
   private Animal pet;

   public Color getFavoriteColor() {
       return favoriteColor;

   public void setFavoriteColor(Color favoriteColor) {
       this.favoriteColor = favoriteColor;

   public String getExplitive() {
       return explitive;

   public void setExplitive(String explitive) {
       this.explitive = explitive;

   public boolean isColdSoup() {
       return coldSoup;

   public void setColdSoup(boolean coldSoup) {
       this.coldSoup = coldSoup;

   public Animal getPet() {
       return pet;

   public void setPet(Animal pet) { = pet;

so, if you can use
preferences.setColdSoup(false); // like my soups hot.
preferences.setPet(; //

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