Hibernate in Java Question

"gwoodhouse@gmail.com" <gwoodhouse@gmail.com>
Fri, 9 Jul 2010 03:40:35 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Everyone :)

I'm hoping you can help, I've been stuck on a project that uses
Hibernate to persist the objects in it, unfortunately the peice of
functionality i have to implement is to pull two Objects out of the
Database which are linked in a one to one relationship.

The project uses Annotations which i need to stick with yet all the
books seem to try and teach you in hbm files. Since the rest of the
hibernate code needs to only pull out a single object i have nothing
to refer to and its driving me mad trying to figure out what i need to

What i'm trying to do corresponds to the sql statement:
SELECT sum(sessions), sum(searches), sum(turnaways) FROM counted,
product_session WHERE counted.session_id=product_session.session_id;

Here are my objects:
public class ProductSession implements Serializable {

        private static final long serialVersionUID =
        public ProductSession(int session_id, String userid, String
BSCCountedItem item)
                this.session_id = session_id;
                this.userid = userid;
                this.date = date;
                this.item = item;

        public ProductSession()
        { }

        private int session_id;

        private String userid;
        private String date;

        @JoinColumn (name = "session_id")
        public CountedItem item;

        public static ProductSession[] getProductSessions(Session
CounterDate date, String userid)

                Query query = session.createQuery("SELECT
ProductSession" +
"FROM ProductSession "+
"WHERE date <= :enddate AND date >= :startdate AND userid
= :userid");
                query.setDate("startdate", date.getStartDate());
                query.setDate("enddate", date.getEndDate());
                query.setString("userid", userid);

                return (ProductSession[]) query.list().toArray();
        // Getters and Setters here


public class CountedItem implements Serializable {

        private static final long serialVersionUID =
        public CountedItem(int session_id, int sessions, int searches,
turnaways) { }

        private int session_id;

        private int sessions;
        private int searches;
        private int turnaways;

        // GETTERS & SETTERS //


Can you please tell me where i'm going wrong - i've had a really good
go at this and i'm still completely lost as to where i'm not doing
something right!

Thanks for any help!


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