Problem: Calling methods of dynamically loaded inner classes at runtime

"Thea" <>
1 Aug 2006 01:29:38 -0700
I need some help ^^

While trying to dynamically load class and use it I have come across a
problem that prevents any progress.
I have a class that contains some inner classes (and I can't change
this design). From outer class (called Test) I need to call inner
classes at runtime. (inner classes are called XXXTest)

I am using following code to read name of a class to be loaded and load
Name of a class comes as a String in form of "package.Test$XXXTest"
from configuration file.

        Map attrs = page.getAttributes(); //here I get names of
classes to be loaded
//names are obtained correctly, checked that (correctly==as provided in
config file)

            for (Object o : attrs.keySet())
                try {
                    Class attributeClass = Class.forName(o.toString());
                    Constructor attributeCon =
                    Object attributeObject =

//making sure that calling execute routine makes sense
                    if (attributeObject instanceof Module)
                    ((Module)attributeObject).execute(page, request,

                } catch (Exception e) {
//This code is executed in class Test, and all loded classes are inner
to Test

Problem is that though compiler shows no error, it doesn't seem to run
'execute' method of the inner class (any of them). I set some debug
info in each inner class 'execute' method, but it simply won't appear
on output and page context is empty (results are put out on page)
'Funny' thing is that when I call it this way:
        CP2Test cp2 = new CP2Test();
        cp2.execute(page,request, response);
it works... (CP2Test is one of the inner classes)
But I can't do this... it must be done dynamically.
I've been through FAQ but could find nothing...
Is there something wrong with my code? Did I miss something important?
Thank you for time you spent reading my question.

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