Retrieving one autoincremented key value...

"gbattine" <>
24 Aug 2006 05:23:28 -0700
Hi guys,
i'm developing a jsf application and i have a problem.
I insert some values into a table which has an autoincremented id.
Later i've to retrieve this autoid.
This is my bean

public String AddNewExp() throws SQLException {

      DataSource dataSource = Singleton.getInstance().getDataSource();

      Connection conn = dataSource.getConnection();

    if (conn != null) { AuthenticationBean bean2 = (AuthenticationBean)

     PreparedStatement pst2 = null;
     pst2 = conn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO
     pst2.setString(1, bean2.getLoginName());
     pst2.setString(3, platformName);
     pst2.setString(5, toe);
     pst2.setString(6, qcst);
     pst2.setString(7, description);
     pst2.setInt(8, hybridationNumbers);
     pst2.setString(9, author);
     pst2.setString(10, laboratory);
     pst2.setString(11, contact);
     pst2.setString(12, scanning);
     pst2.setString(13, software);
     pst2.setString(14, normalization);
     pst2.setString(15, logarithmic);
     pst2.setString(16, test);
     pst2.setString(17, parameter);
     pst2.setString(18, correction);
     pst2.setString(19, factor1);
     pst2.setString(20, factor2);
     pst2.setString(21, factor3);
     pst2.setString(22, factor4);
     u=1; // pst2.setBytes(25, x);
     int autoIncKeyFromApi = -1;
     ResultSet rs = null;
     rs =

     if (rs==null){
     if ( {

         autoIncKeyFromApi = rs.getInt(1);

     else { // throw an exception from here }

     return "go";

I've tried to output the autoIncKeyFromApi in a jsp page but i see only
value 0...also if i add the sixth row,the seventh one etc...
Can you help me?
Thanks very much...

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