Re: overloading with generic arguments

"Hemal Pandya" <>
9 Jan 2007 04:06:30 -0800
Hendrik Maryns wrote:

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I have a complicated question about overloading with generic arguments.

Not sure I understand all of this, but I get a similar error when I try
the following, which is perhaps a SSCCE of your code:

import java.util.Set;
class Node {}
class BidiNode extends Node {}

class X
  X(Set<Node> r) {}
  X(Set<BidiNode> r) {}

The error I get with Sun javac is: name clash: X(java.util.Set<Node>)
and X(java.util.Set<BidiNode>) have the same erasure

The following equivalent example does not have the compile error. Does
it solve your problem? Of course, it is a lot more verbose.

import java.util.Set;
class Node {}
class BidiNode extends Node {}

interface NodeSet extends Set<Node> {}
interface BidiNodeSet extends Set<BidiNode> {}

class X
  X(NodeSet r) {}
  X(BidiNodeSet r) {}

  static class ABC extends java.util.HashSet<Node> implements NodeSet
  static void foo()
    ABC abc = new ABC();
    abc.add(new Node());
    new X(abc);

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