Why Won't This Work on Mac OSX?

KZ8RT3 <kz8rt3.EXPUNGE@mac.com>
Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:59:23 -0500
Hey all,

There is some java code on a website that will not work on Mac OSX using
Safari, Firefox, Camino, and Explorer and was wondering if anyone here
knew if there was a fix. It is a floating button. It shows up but it is
supposed to move with the window when you scroll down and I clicking on
the menu item does not work. See the code below. Let me know if there is
another function or script you need to see.

//code for floating buttons
var offSet = 15,tab=1;

window.onScroll = timeButtons();

function showButtons(){
  if(top.name == "new"){
    document.all('floatB').style.visibility = 'visible';
  } else{
    document.all('floatB').style.visibility = 'hidden';

function timeButtons(){

function moveButtons(){
   try {
      var dif = parseInt((document.body.scrollTop+offSet -
      document.all.floatB.style.pixelTop += dif;
      document.all("search").style.visibility = "visible";
      document.all("download").style.visibility = "visible";
   } catch (e) {
      // do nothing, just prevent error message

function Map() {
   document.SmallSub.action = "/Search/MapSql.asp";
   document.SmallSub.target ="asp";
   document.SmallSub.target ="_self";
   top.main.SearchFrame.document.FormOne.Search1.value="Search"; //
enable searching

function GenSqlDownload(){
   document.SmallSub.action = GetDownloadAction();

function GenSqlCount(){
   document.SmallSub.action = "Scripts/Count/Count.asp";

function Srh(){
   document.SmallSub.action = "/"+GetSearchPath() + "Scripts/Srh.asp";

function clearMapBB() {
   top.main.SearchFrame.document.all("LongitudeMin").value = "";
   top.main.SearchFrame.document.all("LongitudeMax").value = "";
   top.main.SearchFrame.document.all("LatitudeMin").value = "";
   top.main.SearchFrame.document.all("LatitudeMax").value = "";
   parent.SearchFrame.document.all("MapShapeSearch").value = "";
//Polygon/Circle Search VI# 89013 RAP

function ClearAll() { //clear form AND clear advanced search

////This code clears the advanced search
for(var b=0; b<document.FormOne.Area.length;b++){
for(var i=0; i<document.FormOne.SubArea.length;i++){
   document.FormOne.AdvancedSearch.value = '';
/////This code clears the rest of the form
document.FormOne.ListStatus.options[1].selected = true;

function ButtonInit(newTab) {
   var clearMap = ''

   if (typeof(newTab)!='undefined') {tab = newTab;}

   if (top.main.SearchFrame.document.all("LongitudeMin").value != "") {
      clearMap = '<tr>'
      +'<td bgcolor="#d6c6bd"><font face="arial">'
      +'<a ONCLICK="clearMapBB()" style="cursor: hand;"
align="absbottom">Map Clear</a></font></td></tr>'
   top.main.SearchFrame.document.all("floatB").innerHTML = '<table
border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#996666">'
   +'<tr height="10">'
   +' <td height="10"></td></tr>'
   +' <td bgcolor="#d6c6bd"><font face="arial">'
   +' <a ONCLICK="Srh();" NAME="Search1" style="cursor: hand;"
align="absbottom" border="0">Search</a></font></td></tr>'
   +' <td bgcolor="#d6c6bd"><font face="arial">'
   +' <a ONCLICK="GenSqlCount();" style="cursor: hand;"
   +' <td bgcolor="#d6c6bd"><font face="arial">'
   +' <a ONCLICK="GenSqlDownload()" style="cursor: hand;"
   +' <td bgcolor="#d6c6bd"><font face="arial">'
   +' <a ONCLICK="DoMap()" style="cursor: hand;"
   +' <td bgcolor="#d6c6bd"><font face="arial">'
   +' <a ONCLICK="SaveAsCustom()" style="cursor: hand;"
align="absbottom">Save as <br>Custom</a></font></td></tr>'
   +' <td bgcolor="#d6c6bd"><font face="arial">'
   +' <a ONCLICK="ClearAll();" style="cursor: hand;"
   +'<tr height="10">'
   +' <td></td></tr>'

   window.setInterval("moveButtons()", 20);

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