XML and Java from Beginner

15 May 2007 09:50:18 -0700

I am a Beginner, and need some help.
I am using .Net service and Java.

One of my webMethod can return an array of integer,
and the xml will looks like this:


How can I read all those integers?

Right now I am using the following java code and can only read the
first integer:

 try {
      // Since the Body.unmarshall() handler is static, we can't
      // replace the basic machinery easily. Instead, we must obtain
      // and parse the message on our own.
      this.soapMessage_ = this.message_.receive();
      XMLReader reader =
      SAXHandler handler = new SAXHandler();
      handler.setElementToSearchFor ("returnIntsResult");

      // Set the Content Handler
      reader.setContentHandler (handler);

      // Parse the file
      reader.parse ( new InputSource (new StringReader
(this.soapMessage_.getContent().toString() )));

      // If we reached here, the result has been parsed and
      // stored in the handler instance.
      for(int i=0; i<3; i++){
        returnValue[i] = handler.getResult();

    catch (Exception exception) {

Thank you for your help

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