Comparator in the driver

thufir <>
Wed, 30 Apr 2008 08:11:35 GMT
This driver is horribly embarrassing, but leaving aside its jumbledness,
why is the Comparator not sorting? I want to sort guestsByCity using the
Comparator BY_CITY.

Basically, various representations of a collection of Guest instances is
the requirement.

I do have a GuestSort class with the Comparator, but couldn't get it to
compile, so stuck it in the driver:

thufir@arrakis:~/bcit-comp2611-lab3$ cat src/a00720398/labs/
 * this class is far too full.

package a00720398.labs;

import a00720398.util.*;
import java.util.*;

public class Lab3
    private final static String[][]
            GUEST_DATA = {
                { "Lee", "Brenda", "(604) 636-1000", "" },
                { "Sullivan", "Sam", "604-873-7011",
"" },
                { "Johansen", "Lars", "(604) 636-1000",
"" }},
            ADDRESS_DATA = {
                { "3700 Willingdon Avenue", "Burnaby", "British
Columbia", "V5G 3H2", "Canada" },
                { "453 West 12th Avenue", "Vancouver", "BC", "V5Y 1V4",
"Canada" },
                { "1000 Lougheed Highway", "Coquitlam", "British
Columbia","V3K 3T5", "Canada" } };

        private static List<Guest> guestList;
        private static List<Guest> guestListByName;
        private static Map<String,Guest> guestMap = new
        private static Set<Guest> noDups;
// private static SortedSet<Guest> guestsByCity;
        private static List<Guest> guestsByCity;

        public static void loadGuestList(){
                int i=0;
                guestList = new ArrayList<Guest>();
        for(String[] info : GUEST_DATA){
                                ContactInfo contactInfo = new ContactInfo
            Guest guest = new Guest(contactInfo);

        public static void loadGuestMap(){
                for (Guest guest : guestList){
                        ContactInfo contactInfo = guest.getContactInfo();
                        String postalCode = contactInfo.getPostalCode();

        private static void printGuestMap(){}

        private static void loadGuestListByName(){
                guestListByName = guestList;

        private static void loadGuestByCity(){
        // guestsByCity = CollectionUtil.listToSet(guestListByName);
                guestsByCity = guestList;

        static final Comparator<Guest> BY_CITY = new Comparator<Guest>(){
                public int compare(Guest g1, Guest g2){
                        ContactInfo c1 = g1.getContactInfo();
                        ContactInfo c2 = g2.getContactInfo();
                        return c2.getCity().compareTo(c1.getCity());

        public static void main (String[] args)

                        System.out.println("ORIGINAL LIST\n=============\n

                        System.out.println("LIST SORTED BY LAST NAME:
                        noDups = CollectionUtil.removeDups
                        if (CollectionUtil.hasDups(noDups)) {
                        } else {
                                System.out.println("The task list is a

                        System.out.println("SET AUTOMATICALLY SORTED BY
                        Collections.sort(guestsByCity, BY_CITY);

                        System.out.println("THE MAP:\n=======\n\n\n");



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