Re: Programming using JSP and Tomcat: cannot be resolved to a type error

Vincent Ly <>
Mon, 30 Nov 2009 17:53:56 -0800 (PST)
Ah, right. This is the code I was using.

<h3>JSP and JDBC</h3>

    <%-- JSP directive --%>
    <%@ page import="*,*, java.sql.*, java.util.*"

    <%-- JSP scriplet --%>
            String query=request.getParameter("query");


                        Connection.Connect con = new Connection.Connect
                        ResultSet rs = con.execute(query);

                        int numCols = rs.getMetaData().getColumnCount

                        %><TABLE BORDER=2 ALIGN=LEFT><%
                        int j=0;
                        for (j=1; j<=numCols; j++)

                        while (
                            int i=0;
                            for (i=1; i<=numCols; i++)

            catch (Exception e)


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