Re: jdbc mysql: encoding utf-8 to latin1?

Alexander Burger <>
Mon, 03 May 2010 14:58:41 +0200
John B. Matthews wrote:


also characterEncoding=latin1

"When specifying character encodings on the client side, Java-style
names should be used." Shouldn't that be "Cp1252"?

thank you a lot for your answers.

yes, that is true. but I just gave it a try.

but in database-table, there is no change at all. Anytime I get for
the same umlauts the same wrong chars. So it seems to me there is no
influence, if I'm using characterEncoding or not. I checked it with
Debugger: the Drivermanger accepted the value and I can find it in
Drivermanager. But no influence in database-table at all.

IIUC, your database is still "latin1". What happens when you set your
Windows client to "latin1" and characterEncoding=Cp1252?

nothing :-(

any idea?

You can always specify the encoding explicitly, as suggested in the
code example above and the second comment in the reference cited above.

well I tried:

                 if(this.dbLoginTimeOut != null){
                         DriverManager.setLoginTimeout(this.dbLoginTimeOut.intValue() );

                 //Properties info = new Properties();
                 //info.put("user", this.dbuser);
                 //info.put("password", this.dbpwd);
                 //info.put("charSet", this.strEnCodingToFromDB); //"utf-8");

                 //conn = DriverManager. getConnection(this.dburl, info);

                 conn =

                 stmt = conn.createStatement();
                 //change chars
                     Charset latin1 = Charset.forName("ISO-8859-1");
                     byte[] b = strRequest.getBytes(latin1);
                     System.out.println("strRequest.getBytes(latin1) : ");
                     for (int i = 0; i < b.length; i++) {
                         System.out.printf("%X ", b[i]);
                     System.out.println("new String(b, latin1) : " + new String(b,
                 resultSet = stmt.executeQuery(new String(b, latin1));

is there something wrong? well I have completely no effect in database. The
system.out is correct.
I can try, what I want. The result in database is anytime the same.
For me it seems, that all, what I'm doing is ignored by jdbc or mysql.
Could there be any other configuration, which is still on top?
Have I to set any ON or OFF in any configuration?
I'm using eclipse for developing.

thank you

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