Re: Best way to do this?

Lew <>
Thu, 22 Jul 2010 10:26:03 -0700 (PDT)
harryajh wrote:

 ResultSet rs = ps.executeQuery();

 while (true)
   ret = new myBean();

Class names should start with an upper-case letter.

   String propName = rs.getString(2);

   if (propName.equalsIgnoreCase("licence_number"))
   else if (propName.equalsIgnoreCase("return_requirement_id"))

It looks like you might need to revise your database query or schema -
the same column of the result should not mean different things.

But since it does ...

Alan Gutierrez wrote:

I read the OPs uncompilable code as being a loop over a result set, even
though it has that nonsense while(true) which really should read while
(, but then maybe the OP really wants an infinite loop over a
single row of a result set. In which case, it doesn't matter how much
faster it runs.

One way would be to have an enum keyed to the different possible
values from column 2 with a service method to set the correct value
from column 3, something similar to this uncompiled (let alone tested)

public enum ColumnSetter
    public void setColumn3( MyBean ret, String value )
      ret.setLicenceNo( value );
    public void setColumn3( MyBean ret, String value )
      ret.setReturnReqId( value );
  abstract public void setColumn3( MyBean ret, String value );

Then the client code is something along the uncompiled, untested lines

 PreparedStatement ps = Connection.prepareStatement( ... );
  // set up query parms
  MyBean ret = new MyBean();
  for( ResultSet rs = ps.executeQuery();; )
    ColumnSetter cs = ColumnSetter.valueOf( rs.getString( 2 ));
    cs.setColumn3( ret, rs.getString( 3 )); // risks NPE
  return ret;

You can create a replacement method in ColumnSetter for valueOf() that
is case-insensitive. I usually define an instance override
'toString()' and static 'fromString()' for enums.

(As a riff on "RAII" I call the above try...finally idiom variously
"RRIG" or "RRIF" or "RRID", respectively "Resource Release is
Guaranteed", "Resource Release in Finally" or "Resource Release in
Deallocation". Your votes welcomed.)


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