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Wed, 27 Apr 2011 15:26:03 GMT
Christian Kaufhold schrieb:

HTMLDocument.BlockElement block = (HTMLDocument.BlockElement)elem;

No need for the cast.

The compiler has another opinion. (incompatible types found)

If you want to preserve the previous attributes:

  SimpleAttributeSet newType = new SimpleAttributeSet(block.getAttributes());

That's a good idea.

newType.addAttribute( "name", "h1");

No, newType.addAttribute(AttributeSet.NameAttribute, HTML.Tag.H1);

Thank You. That solved my problem. I'm really glad.

Here is my new source code:
void makeParagraph(HTML.Tag paragraphType)
   if( textEditor instanceof JEditorPane )
     HTMLDocument htmlDoc = (HTMLDocument) textEditor.getDocument();
     int position = textEditor.getSelectionStart();
     Element elem = htmlDoc.getParagraphElement(position);

     if( elem instanceof HTMLDocument.BlockElement )
       HTMLDocument.BlockElement block = (HTMLDocument.BlockElement)elem;

       SimpleAttributeSet newType = new SimpleAttributeSet(
       newType.addAttribute( AttributeSet.NameAttribute, paragraphType );
       htmlDoc.setParagraphAttributes(position, 0, newType, false );

This function does now exactly what I want. 8-))))

Thank You again for your help.



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