StringBuilder Difficulties

Gene Wirchenko <>
Tue, 28 Jun 2011 17:54:38 -0700
Dear Java'ers:

     I am working with StringBuilder now. I grant that it is faster
in execution, but it is taking a bunch of my time to get it straight.
I decided to change my VRString class (call-by-value-result) to
VRStringB. Complications ensued.

     The amount of ornamentation required in my code was nasty, so I
did some simplifying.

     How does one assign a String value to a StringBuilder variable?
For the class below (before I defined .Set()), I needed
With .Set(), I just need

     For value equality to a String value, one needs something like
          cParsedWord.Value.toString().equals("some value")
(because without the .toString(), the comparison will fail) whereas
with .equals() below, this will do it
          cParsedWord.equals("some value")

***** Start of Code *****
// VRStringB Class
// StringBuilder Value-Result Parameter Handling
// Last Modification: 2011-06-28

class VRStringB
   StringBuilder Value;

      this.Value=new StringBuilder("");

    StringBuilder Init

   boolean equals
    String theString
      return this.Value.toString().equals(theString);

   void Set
    String theString
***** End of Code *****

     Am I missing something about StringBuilder, or is it really this
difficult to play with? It would make a lot more sense to me if
StringBuilder worked more like String does.


Gene Wirchenko

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