Re: Is 'new' operator thread-safe?

"Oliver Wong" <>
Wed, 6 Dec 2006 10:10:04 -0500
"xie bo" <> wrote in message

    In my interpretation, no. There's a difference between the instant in
time when the new operator is executed, and the instant in time when the
constructor finishes. This issue actually comes up in double-check

I read the article "Double-checked locking and the Singleton pattern"
To show how this occurs, consider the following pseudo code for the
line: instance =new Singleton();

mem = allocate(); //Allocate memory for Singleton object.
instance = mem; //Note that instance is now non-null, but has not been
ctorSingleton(instance); //Invoke constructor for Singleton passing

My question: Is the out-of-order bug fixed for J2SE 1.5? (because JSR
133 was adopted by J2SE 1.5)

    I don't know what specific implementations do about the above, but from
what I understand, the issue that is described in the double-check locking
article is not considered to be a bug.

    - Oliver

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