Re: Passing Images from Applet to HTML

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Sat, 24 Mar 2007 22:41:03 -0400
Richard Maher wrote:

Would it be fair to say that I could embed an Applet <Object> tag within a
<DIV> or an <IFrame> and then have complete flexibility in positioning,
size, style of whatever the applet paints "within" the browser? I'm guessing
<object> attributes such as height and width can be manipulated with DOM
like any other; is that right? This is beginning to sound pretty sexy!

I am not a JavaScript guy, but I think that it will be possible.

What if two tags call the same applet; does init() get called twice? Two
instances of the applet of just one? two pannels,frames,canvasses and just
one applet?

Good question.

I would assume that it is called once per instance.

What if there are three Applets active in the frameset; How can they invoke
each others methods without having been aware of each other at compile-time?
Given the (at least by default) single-threading of browser-applet
interaction, can I share the one socket connection between the three? Is
there global memory/references?

If I read:

correctly then it is supposed to run in same JVM and same classloader
(but there is a bug in 1.6).

And if that is the case you can share static fields and singleton

Have you considered using one instance of the applet with
some panels (maybe tabbed panels) ?

Let's start small - "An example of an Applet painting and Image in a
browser" any takers? websites?

I posted some links in previous post.

The super simple (hello world style) is available at:


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