Re: Launch a new java app from a java program

Patricia Shanahan <>
Sun, 01 Jul 2007 20:49:29 -0700
Andrew Thompson wrote:

Christian wrote:

Andrew Thompson schrieb:

I want to write a java program A to launch another java app B.


the Java class and instantiate it normally, or call its
main with args if needed.

but without exec the program will run in the same jvm...

Of course.

...may be sharing
the same singletons..

It is not suitable for all situations, and he OP has since(?)
clarified that this task needs to be done in a separate JVM.

And to the OP - do you now see the advantage of actually
*describing* the problem domain, rather than simply give a
vague description and 'what you want to do'?

However, even with the initial description my assumption would be exec.
I don't think the main call technique should ever be used to "launch
another java app".

It is only really a good technique for running a main class that is
logically part of the calling application, so closely coordinated with
it that the caller and callee should run as one application, using a
single environment, class loader, heap, etc.


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