Re: Maintain DB connection

Lew <>
Mon, 05 Oct 2009 22:19:23 -0400
Ken wrote:

Right now for testing I am opening up a DB connection and closing it
for every query. This is because I was just doing quick testing.
What I am going to do is make the connection a singleton, open the

Singletons are often very bad.

Are the connection objects thread-safe? How do you know?

connection the first query (or perhaps even before) and then only
reopen the connection if the DB has closed it (an exception is thrown
by the SQL statement), I'll put a Boolean [sic] condition in to test if I've
tried to recover once and if it fails twice bail.

I also think this is such a simple thing there might be some well
known object to do this for me and handle further db issues that I
would end up hand rolling too?

Any advice?

Arne Vajh??j wrote:

Drop the described approach, use a connection pool and use a
pattern of:
  open connection
  use connection
  close connection


You will not outperform a pooling driver with a hand-wheel-reinventing-coded

The Apache project offers DBCP (DataBase Connection Pool)
(which in turn requires <>)
as one possible solution. Often there are RDBMS-specific solutions as well,
such as the javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource JDBC driver for Postgres.
though they suggest that it's better to the application server's connection
pooling if available.


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