Re: Layout problem driving me insane - panels, resizing, etc

14 Jun 2006 07:57:10 -0700
Karsten Lentzsch wrote:

Right. I just like to add that there exist layout managers
that handle huge classes of screen design, for example
the ExplicitLayout, or even better the ExplicitLayout plus
Explicit Table Builder.

Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we have a winner.

import com.zookitec.layout.*;

import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.table.*;

public class LayoutProblem extends JFrame {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new LayoutProblem();

    String columnNames[] = { "Column 1", "Column 2", "Column 3" };
    String dataValues[][] = {
        { "0aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "0dd","eee","fff"}, { "0gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "1aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "1dd","eee","fff"}, { "1gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "2aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "2dd","eee","fff"}, { "2gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "3aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "3dd","eee","fff"}, { "3gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "4aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "4dd","eee","fff"}, { "4gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "5aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "5dd","eee","fff"}, { "5gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "6aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "6dd","eee","fff"}, { "6gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "7aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "7dd","eee","fff"}, { "7gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "8aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "8dd","eee","fff"}, { "8gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "9aa","bbb","ccc"}, { "9dd","eee","fff"}, { "9gg","hhh","iii"},
        { "aaa","bbb","ccc"}, { "ddd","eee","fff"}, { "ggg","hhh","iii"},

    public LayoutProblem() {

        JTable table;
        JButton button1, button2, button3, button4;
        JTextArea logArea;


        // table
        table = new JTable(dataValues, columnNames);
        JScrollPane tableScrollPane = new JScrollPane(table);

        // button panel
        JPanel buttonPanel = new JPanel();
        buttonPanel.setBorder(BorderFactory.createRaisedBevelBorder() );

        SpringLayout buttonPanelLayout = new SpringLayout();

        final int PADDING = 6;

        button1 = new JButton("Button 1");
        buttonPanelLayout.putConstraint(SpringLayout.WEST, button1, PADDING,
SpringLayout.WEST, buttonPanel);
        buttonPanelLayout.putConstraint(SpringLayout.NORTH, button1, PADDING,
SpringLayout.NORTH, buttonPanel);

        button2 = new JButton("Button 2");
        buttonPanelLayout.putConstraint(SpringLayout.WEST, button2, PADDING,
SpringLayout.EAST, button1);
        buttonPanelLayout.putConstraint(SpringLayout.NORTH, button2, PADDING,
SpringLayout.NORTH, buttonPanel);

        button3 = new JButton("Button 3");
        buttonPanelLayout.putConstraint(SpringLayout.WEST, button3, PADDING,
SpringLayout.EAST, button2);
        buttonPanelLayout.putConstraint(SpringLayout.NORTH, button3, PADDING,
SpringLayout.NORTH, buttonPanel);

        button4 = new JButton("Button 4");
        buttonPanelLayout.putConstraint(SpringLayout.WEST, button4, PADDING,
SpringLayout.EAST, button3);
        buttonPanelLayout.putConstraint(SpringLayout.NORTH, button4, PADDING,
SpringLayout.NORTH, buttonPanel);

        // text area
        logArea = new JTextArea();
        JScrollPane logAreaScrollPane = new JScrollPane(logArea);

        // and now, the magic begins
        Container cont = getContentPane(); // for Java 1.4
        cont.setLayout(new ExplicitLayout());

        cont.add(buttonPanel, new ExplicitConstraints(
            0.5, 0.5, true, true

        cont.add(tableScrollPane, new ExplicitConstraints(
            MathEF.subtract(, PADDING),

        cont.add(logAreaScrollPane, new ExplicitConstraints(
            MathEF.add(ComponentEF.bottom(buttonPanel), PADDING),

        setSize(450,600); // initial app size


This layout manager is exactly what I've been looking for - I don't
think I'll ever use gridbaglayout again. IchBin's JGoodies solution
looks great too, but since I already spent way too much time on this, I
wanted to go with a standalone, layout manager only solution - and
since IchBin's already solved the problem with JGoodies there wasn't
any more fun to be had that way.

I still need to install eclipse and look at SWT and netBeans, and
probably the other JGoodies, but it seems at least as far as layout
managers are concerned, I'm all set.

Again: Thanks, everybody.

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