Re: Alternative to Eclipse

"Dale King" <DaleWKing[at]gmail[dot]com>
Thu, 7 Sep 2006 20:38:36 -0400
"David Segall" <david@address.invalid> wrote in message

"Enigma" <> wrote:

Enigma wrote:

Hi all,

I am planning to develop a modelling tool, let us say something akin a
tool that would allow users to Network diagrams. There is no 3-d
representation involved, all the diagrams would be represented as flat

I was evaluating Eclipse plugin development as one of the approaches.

Can anybody suggest other toolkits / development platforms I should

Any tips and suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi all,

Thanks for all the tips and suggestion. It has been a great help. I
have as of now been evaluating the Eclipse framework and am in process
of evaluating the Netbeans framework

However, I do not have to restrict myself to developing the modelling
tool as Plugin.

There is an implication in that sentence that if you use Eclipse or
NetBeans as platform that you will end up with a Plugin for Eclipse or
NetBeans. That is probably the most convenient way to develop your
application and, at least with NetBeans, that is the concept behind it
because everything is supposed to be a Plugin. However, when you
release your application it can be stand-alone and you can delete all
the functions in the IDE that your application does not need.

The same applies with Eclipse. Everything is a plug-in and the non-IDE
application is called RCP (rich client platform).

 Dale King

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