Re: DatagramSocket.send problem on Linux 2.6 with Jre 1.4.2

Nigel Wade <>
Mon, 25 Sep 2006 10:49:00 +0100
<ef88mc$p08$> wrote:

Please, don't top-post. It makes a total mess of the thread.
I've moved your reply to the bottom.

Nigel Wade wrote: wrote:


We are running Linux 2.6.9-22.EL with Jre 1.4.2 on a AMD-64 machine. We
have an application that opens a DatagramSocket connection and sends a
packet. The application works fine as standalone application. But, when
invoked through a servlet, there is unsatisfied link error from for, whereas is available in the PATH
that the exception shows up.

Also, when we replace the Jre with 1.5 everything works fine. So, we
are confused... :-(

Any insight into this problem will be highly appreciated.

Suresh R

If the problem is only in the servlet then it's probably something wrong with
the configuration of the servlet engine. What engine are you using?

I use Tomcat5 on a very similar setup, 2.6.9-22.EL, Opteron, and jre


The servlets I am running on this setup are part of the AstroGrid
( project, so make heavy use of networking


There is no issue here with unsatisfied external links for


This is exactly the same configuration that I am also using (my jre is
1.4.2_8, everything else is just same).

I tried with Jre1.5 and it works. So, if it is configuration problem
then should'nt work for 1.5 too, right?

Impossible to say. There are configuration errors which could easily make it
work with one version and not with another. The libraries used by the JVM are
not linked in such a way that they can be found at runtime without additional
help. The JVM normally knows where the libraries are located, but if something
has got messed up with the libraries or the installation directories they won't
be found.

However, there is one thing which I have just remembered. I use the 32bit 1.4
SDK rather than the 64bit one. This might have some bearing on the issue. Which
version do you run?

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