Re: Split group?

John Ersatznom <j.ersatz@nowhere.invalid>
Fri, 29 Dec 2006 09:42:29 -0500
Daniel Dyer wrote:

On Wed, 27 Dec 2006 00:50:11 -0000, John Ersatznom
<j.ersatz@nowhere.invalid> wrote: or something of the sort. All of the ones that
deal with client/server pairs, server-side programming, or just about
anything else except generally-applicable basic programming in Java,
standalone desktop applications, and (maybe) applets (that don't have
any fancy connection with server-side software -- so, games and
animations and suchlike for Web pages, rather than front ends/clients
for Web applications).

I don't like that suggestion. Network programming is a pretty
significant part of Java development, even if you are not doing
enterprise edition stuff. If there were to be a split, I think it
should be along the lines of an SE/EE split. Socket programming, Web
Start and RMI could all come under the heading of "netapps", but I
think they belong here.

This is unfortunate. Even an obvious thing like "Swing questions fall
under the rubric of" doesn't stop the odd one showing
up here. An unobvious thing like "Some networking stuff belongs
elsewhere and some of it here, and newbies can't possibly be born
knowing which is which" is sure to result in confusion and nearly every
networking-related question being crossposted to *both* groups just-in-case.

For example, it's far from obvious to me how you're contemplating
splitting the networking stuff (other than SE/EE, which is an
implementation based definition rather than an interface based one).
Socket programming would be here, you say? What about coding an HTTP
user-agent? Here or there? An HTTP server? I suppose JSP stuff would be
there rather than here? Isn't all network programming "socket
programming" if you look far enough under the hood? :)

If the division of topics is easy to grasp for the newcomer (e.g. with you will have *some* effectiveness. If it's not, get
out your fancy churchgoing clothes and assorted objects, icons, or idols
of worship and pray. :)

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