Re: Problem in loading a text file to java aglet application.

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 12:15:50 GMT
Ravikumar wrote:

Thanks for your response.

Your future lack of top-posting, will be thanks enough.

Sorry I make a confusion about using Aglet application for Aglet. I
will correct myself hereafter.

This application is SWING ..

That is 'Swing' - it is not an acronym, and there
is no need to SHOUT.

..application and not a applet.

I am confused that you would 'emphasize' Swing before
that statement, since (J)Applets use Swing.

..This is
working fine for me as standalone java application.

Herewith I have attached the code.

Why? You did that already, and I have no intention
of installing all the crud needed to compile and run
this example. But I think you missed the point I
thought I'd discovered earlier, that an Aglet is *really*
an Applet.

No, wait a second.. this source is different to the
earlier source, most importantly in this line.

public class largetable1 extends JFrame

I note that line earlier was..
public class largetable extends Aglet the original source posted.

Are you indicating it is the JFrame based code
that works OK?

Andrew Thompson

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