Re: Distribuited transaction in a stand-alone application

Robert Klemme <>
Sat, 19 Apr 2008 00:45:52 +0200
On 18.04.2008 18:59, Andrea Francia wrote:

I'm working on Java stand-alone application (not designed to run in an
application server) which uses two databases.

In some point the application do the following operations:

 - modify some data in database A
 - modify some other data in database B

I want that these two operation are executed in atomic way: both fail or
 both succeed.

What is the name of this problem? Is Distributed transaction?

Distributed transactions are a solution to the problem (ensuring data
consistency across multiple resources). OpenGroup calls them "XA
Transaction". (btw, you can download documents from their site if you
want to have a look for yourself)

What tools I should use to solve it (in a standalone application)?
Where can I find information about this?

As Arne said, you need a TX manager. You can use the one which is
typically part of a JEE container, you can use an external one or you
can use a TX manager that you can embed (as a lib).

But you should rather not write your own. XA processing is quite
complex and I have seen at least two established TX managers with
issues. Devil in the details...

Kind regards


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