Re: Mac WORA

Owen Jacobson <>
Sun, 4 May 2008 00:14:15 -0700 (PDT)
On May 4, 2:21 am, Roedy Green <>

I wrote an Applet the Canadian Tax Calculator at

/canadiantax.html run as Applet

I got email from a Mac user this display is scrambled when they run it
on a Mac with Safari.

Verified on 10.5, Safari 3.0.4, up-to-date Java 1.5.0.

Yet when they run it standalone from a jar, it works fine.


1. would anyone with a Mac please have a look at it and tell me if
they can see what the trouble is.

2. What would I tell to Mac people to explain how to unzip, and
execute a jar?

If you mean "the JAR is inside a ZIP file":

 - download the ZIP. Safari will, by default, unzip it for you; if it
doesn't, the ZIP file will be in ~/Downloads (10.5) or on the Desktop
(10.4 and earlier).
 - double-click on the JAR to run it.

If you mean "the JAR itself needs to be unpacked":

 - fix your build :)
 - download the JAR. Safari will, by default, place it in the same
locations mentioned above.
 - open (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal).
 - cd ~/Downloads # for 10.5
or cd ~/Desktop # for earlier releases
 - jar xf [name of JAR file]

Do they even have a command line?

The shell on a Mac is bash (in 10.4 and later releases) or tcsh (in
10.0 through 10.3); all of the usual shell-isms and unix-isms are
there. Relying on GNU quirks (like expecting 'rm' or 'cd' to accept
options at the end of the line) is unwise; it often won't work as the
core utilities are derived from the parent BSD code.


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