Re: best practices for *application* javadoc

From: (Stefan Ram)
24 Aug 2008 20:52:38 GMT
Harold Shand <shand@no.such.domain> writes:

that. But in reading up on Javadoc it seems all the tutorials and tips
are aimed at developers of APIs. I fully appreciate the importance of

  I have this sentence on my mind:

      ?Application design is library design.?

  I was not able to find it in the web, so I might have made it up myself.

  But I found a page, where someone else (who seems to share my
  last name, which I very rarely see) explains this, what I also think:

      ?most programs (even if ultimately meant to run standalone),
      should be written, not as monolithic apps, but as one or
      more libraries in the first place. And one should then
      just write a main function or main class, that calls those
      libraries, to do the bulk of the work for one's app.?

  I follow this also with my library ?ram.jar?. My applications
  are also part of this library. To start an application, I use

java -cp .,ram.jar de.dclj.ram.application.[...]

  Therefore I have no need to write JavaDoc in any other way
  for applications than for libraries.

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