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John B. Matthews wrote:

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  raringsunny<> wrote:

I am a newbie on Java but I have worked on MS technologies for a

I wanted to know if I have Eclipse installed on my system, do I still
need to have JDK installed to compile my Java programs?


Are you sure John?

Eclipse has it's own incremental compiler.

You need a JRE, not a JDK.

You're right; thanks for clarifying this.

One should still have the JDK installed, not to make Eclipse work but to make
it work without Eclipse. Eclipse is not Java, and builds with and without the
IDE (any IDE) don't always work the same. The only way to know for sure that
the build will be correct, and to engage best practices like continuous
integration and testing, is to have scripted or standalone builds, for which
the JDK is necessary.

Never rely solely on the IDE for build management or testing. I've always
seen significant differences between IDE-driven development and scripted or
standalone. On my last project the JUnit tests didn't even run the same way
in the IDE as in the official build environment.

Besides, how hard is it to have the JDK installed? You don't have to pay for
it. Best to use the JDK with Ant or such with a scripted build and test protocol.

You need the JDK.


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