Re: GWT vs JSF vs ZK vs REST+JS

Lew <>
Sat, 27 Nov 2010 16:12:28 -0500
Lew proposed:

Hypertext is not an essential feature of Web apps. That it's an app
and that it is accessed via the Web are all you need.

Tom Anderson wrote:

Okay, seems reasonable to me. By that definition, applets, Flash, and
JWS are all web apps.

Lew wrote:

Absolutely, although the application delivered by JWS need not be.

Tom Anderson wrote:

As in it could also run standalone? Or something else?

As in it could run standalone, yes.

Lew wrote:

Web services fall under the "Web application" rubric also.

Tom Anderson wrote:

You reckon? I think of web services as just another kind of RPC (even
REST), and whilst they may well be used by web apps, they aren't web
apps on their own.

I should have said more properly, "Applications that use web services fall
under the 'Web application' rubric also."

The point being that such applications may have a Swing interface, or other
non-web-based UI but use web services to support their logic, e.g., for lookups.


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