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Can not we use JCA Adapters for STANDALONE java applications to bridge
to EIS ?

Does java applications needs to be deployable in J2EE App server in
order to use JCA Adapters ?

Section 3.4 in both the JCA 1.5 and JCA 1.6 specifications says:

"The connector architecture supports access to EISs from non-managed
application clients; for example, Java applications and applets."

So yes, you can use a resource adapter from a J2SE application.

The advantages of using JCA in a _managed_ environment are large, so JCA
1.6 has specification support for standalone containers. JBoss for one
has an implementation. A standalone JCA container isn't the same thing
as what you asked, but it may very well be what you want.

With either completely "standalone" J2SE access to EIS resource adapters
(non-managed environment) or using a standalone JCA container (managed
environment, just not a Java EE full profile) the answer to your second
question is No; no, you don't need to use a app server to use JCA adapters.

Thanks . That was a lot of information.

By the way , what is a standalone JCA container (managed environment)
you mentioned ? what it contains ?

which, among other fine links, leads one to

as one example.

Thanks. Have visited the link. That link talks about User guide ,
Running , Developer Guides . I am not interested in those. I want to
know what is a standalone JCA container (managed environment). This is
what I would like to know.

I had never heard about a standalone JCA container before, but I would
say that the meaning is pretty obvious just from the English words.

It is a container (server) that only supports JCA.


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