Re: Where to find decent free or cheap Java hosting?

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If you aren't familiar with Java EE, here are some good references to
get you started:

< &dws=dw&q=Java+EE&Search=Search>


Thanks Lew and Arne for the info. This isn't my area of knowledge but I
was curious what Daniel was looking for.

Extra note:

Tomcat is significantly more lightweight [*] than full-fledged app servers like Glassfish, Geronimo or JBoss. It supports servlets and related technology (JSP, JSF, Facelets) out of the box, given the right JARs in the classpath. JPA (Java Persistence API) works with Tomcat, as indeed it does with standalone apps, for all that it's a Java EE specification. (EclipseLink, Apache OpenJPA and Hibernate are the Big Three for JPA.) For that matter, you can get EJBs in Tomcat by adding Apache OpenEJB.

At some point you might want the full Monty: all the acronyms from CDI to WS. That's when you reach for the heavyweight [*] servers. It doesn't hurt that the full-spec servers like the three mentioned all have dashboards to control everything from server configuration to logging to class loaders to database connections to ...

I've found in practice that Tomcat plus JPA and JSF/Facelets does pretty much everything you need, unless you want to put httpd in front of Tomcat, which is really a good idea. There are use cases for the big guns, but I'm hard pressed to come up with a compelling one.

SLSB's are OK. You can do without, but why do something similar a
non standard way when something standard exist.

MDB'a are very useful if one need asynch stuff.

And JCA is very useful if you need something besides
HTTP in and database out traffic.


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