Re: NetBeans on Linux/Android: Java, C/C++

Lew <>
Fri, 7 Dec 2012 10:59:03 -0800 (PST)
SL@maxis wrote:

I am thinking of writing C/C++, java [sic] for Linux and Android, on desktop of

Android on desktop? Interesting. I don't see the "of course" in that.

Any problem with NetBeans. Trying to kill 3 birds with one stone.

Eclipse does Android screen layouts in a GUI model, although I am not so comfortable
with it personally. I do prefer Eclipse for Android development. Its ADK plugin is good,
albeit little more than a wrapper for command-line "android ..." commands.

NetBeans does Swing GUIs better than Eclipse, from what I've read. Its GUI programming
assistance is rather good, once you get used to the dance of property sheets for event
handlers and how to write your helper methods outside the protected areas.

I ignore SWT.

I like NetBeans better for C/C++ and general Java development (Java SE, EE). Both products work
well as dashboards for enterprise work, i.e., to monitor app servers, DBMSes, message
beans, queues, yada. I'm personally more comfortable with NetBeans's style options -
it doesn't have as many as Eclipse which is better to some, not to others.

Both integrate with lint and bug-hunting tools like FindBugs and have good extensible
(and platform) architectures. You need Aptana for Eclipse (or its standalone equivalent)
if you're doing Javascript in Eclipse.

"Debugging should be done with GDB"? Whatever. GDB doesn't integrate well with
NB or Eclipse that I've heard, but hey, I don't know. It does integrate simply beautifully
with emacs. GDB is useless for Java.

If you're using an IDE, you've already got a debugger. I don't know why you'd need two.


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