Re: LINTing Javascript in a Java WebApp

Lew <>
Wed, 13 Feb 2013 14:56:08 -0800 (PST)
Steve wrote:

Lew wrote:

Are you familiar with "technical debt"? It sounds like you're paying a lot just
in interest.

I haven't heard the term before. Does it mean a lot PITAs from legacy

That's about the best definition I've ever heard.

code? The javascripts aren't bad. My problem with them are my own
typos when I get change requests. I don't have a way to find out about
them before I test the WAR that takes less time than doing just that.

If they can run standalone maybe you can run them on node.js. I'm reaching.

I recommend that you gradually (since management won't buy in or give you time)
refactor the JS to make sense. Dump old, unsupported versions of any frameworks
you're using, and clean up the separation just between the JS parts.

Consider using Facelets/XHTML with new stuff. Make sure your changes remain
compatible with existing code and you won't need to make sweeping, all-at-once
revolutionary upheavals.

I have read those terms, haven't used them yet. It didn't occur to me
that those things could be used to reduce/eliminate javascript. Can

Not to reduce it, but to reduce your direct involvement with it. These things have JS
already built in and you treat it like a black box.

you check for simple syntax errors with these technologies before you
run your app? That is my problem with javascript so far.



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