Re: JSP/Servlet performance related question

Lew <>
Fri, 15 Dec 2006 22:50:06 -0500
<> wrote:

Paginating is one option I am considering. No database fectching is
quick (approx.100 ms). And data is not request specific, it needs to be
available throughout the session.My resultset from database is
disconnected one (javax.sql.rowset.CacheRowSet) i.e I make select query
on database only once and close the connection. Hence,even if I
paginate result across multiple pages, I do need to keep the entire
result either in session or in a persistent data storage such as file
(i.e serialize ArrayList object into temp file), just because the whole
result need to be given as a file download in csv format.

What is the database itself but "persistent data storage"?

Doesn't it seem just a bit redundant to pull data out of one persistent store
and hold it in a different (slower) persistent store for later use?

Perhaps you should reconsider creation of queries that work on fragments of
your overall result, so that whatever you are displaying at a given moment is
found in the database section by section. It could actually be cheaper overall
to repeate queries, or nearly repeat them for stripes of the overall result,
than it is to keep a huge magilla in the session.

- Lew

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