Re: standard practices for storing user settings

From: (Stefan Ram)
28 Dec 2006 00:07:07 GMT
Brandon McCombs <> writes:

I wanted to know what the standard practice is for storing user

  One needs a per-user storage place as a starting point.
  I believe, this is:

  However, you do not have to store all data there, just
  - for example - the name of the file oder database with the
  actual user data. See also:

      ?user.home User's home directory?

Should I be creating a properties file when a user chooses to
save his settings?

  Simple name-value pairs are sufficient for a surprisingly
  large area of applications. Actually, every information can
  be stored this way.

  Other means include databases, XML-files or RDF-files. I am
  using my custom format ?Unotal?, which is like enriched

Are there other ways to do this same thing (besides using the
windows registry)?

  In Java, there does not have to be a ?Windows registry?
  within the runtime environment at all.

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