Re: Design problem : security layers

Lew <>
Thu, 19 Apr 2007 08:31:38 -0400
subtenante wrote:

Thanks for your answers Lew. No need though to talk to me as if i were
stupid (maybe i am, but that's not quite polite, and not the best way
to make me understand my mistakes). If you don't understand my
questions, it's because we don't talk about the same thing. When i say
backend, i mean backend of a website. The place where administrators
connect via a http/html interface to update the information of the
website. Everybody i know working on websites calls this a backend
(implicitly : of the website).

No one is calling you stupid or even implying it. No one said anything about
your use of language, either. These matters are irrelevant to the discussion.

Use of terms, as opposed to use of language, is another matter. Definitions
of terms matter.

"Back end" is a more-or-less standard term, albeit imprecise, and means
roughly the data storage and related layers of an app. "Front end" is a
more-or-less standard term and loosely means the user interface layer. In the
common understanding of these terms, having a JSP in the "back end" is a
contradiction in terms.

If you use these terms in a different way you should explain how your use
differs from the common usage, otherwise you cannot blame someone for
misunderstanding you.


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