Re: I have doubt

Patricia Shanahan <>
Tue, 14 Aug 2007 05:52:42 -0700
Like many expressions, evaluation of x++*++x requires the use of a
couple of temporary storage locations. In the bytecode model, they will
be locations on the virtual machine's stack, but most real machines use
registers instead.

Either way, I would not expect any memory to be allocated during
evaluation of the expression.


Manju wrote:


thanks for reply. I perfectly agree with u but when I think about
memory allocation of this expression I am not able to analyze it.
Could u explain that??

Best Regards

Manjiri (Manju)

On Aug 14, 2:34 pm, "LewyG" <> wrote:

"Manju" <> wrote in message

int x=2;
int y;
For this output is 8
I would like to know how this internally works

y = 2 [3] * [4] 4;

y = 2*4 = 8;

in [] is value after incrementation to show how this goes.

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