Re: write read string data

Lew <>
Tue, 20 Nov 2007 20:19:12 -0500
bH wrote:

I am attempting to write data into a file and read it
back again.

The error occurs with reading the data file back,
or so it would appear as the current output of that
data is merely a column of null.


      // attempting to recover the data
      try {
        BufferedReader obj_in =
        new BufferedReader(new FileReader
        tmp_array.equals (obj_in);

Patricia Shanahan wrote:

I don't see where you actually read any data. You open the input as a
BufferedReader, test whether an array is equal to the BufferedReader
object (it isn't), ignore the result of the test, and close the input.

Having written the data using ObjectOutputStream and its writeObject
method, you should read it using ObjectInputStream and its readObject

Conversely, if you want to read from a FileReader (or FileInputStream), then
write to a FileWriter (FileOutputStream).

Serialization (the storage of objects via ObjectXxxStreams) is a dicey subject
and requires great care.

Also, do NOT do all this work in the constructor. Use the constructor only to
construct the object. Do all real work in other methods, called from an
instance of the object that was created in main().


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