Re: Java Syntax Extensions

From: (Stefan Ram)
16 Apr 2008 22:59:58 GMT
Martin Gregorie <martin@see.sig.for.address> writes:

The problem is that declaring a variable as 'static' doesn't
really indicate that its common to all instances of the
declaring class as well as containing a persistent value.

  It indicates what is being specified about it in the Java
  Language Specification, Third Edition. I do not see a problem.

The same argument applies to C, where 'persistent' would be a
better modifier than 'static', because thats really what
'static' means in that language.

  It also has other meanings in C, as in

static void f(){}

  . ?Persistent storage? often is used to describe storage
  persisting a program invocation (persisting a process).

In Java 'static' could usefully be replaced by 'singular' or 'common' to
indicate that the variable is accessible from several class instances.

  A static field of a class is accessible even without
  any class instance.

  ?static? does not need to refer to a variable at all,
  it also might refer to an inner class.

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