Re: Help with Array

Nigel Wade <>
Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:54:17 +0100
Jeff B wrote:

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for the response, and I guess i can somewhat agree with your
statement but it really does not help with my question. Do you see why it
might be doing as i describe? Am I not suppossed to use the accounts[i] =
null statement, should i be using something different?

I have done what i thought was a trace trying to figure out what is
happening i have even created print statements that show every iteration and
what it finds and it shows every account upto the one i want it to delete
and there it ends but still all the following accounts seem to be deleted
(or set to null) from that point on?

The problem is in your display code, not the code which "deletes" the account.

Before you go any further with this, you ought to reconsider your account
storage. To me a Collection would seem to be a much more appropriate storage
mechanism (with built-in ability to add and remove elements), than an array.

Any suggestions?

Don't top-post..

Nigel Wade

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