Re: The Spammers Have Really Trashed This NG.

"Karl Uppiano" <>
Wed, 15 Jul 2009 07:50:49 GMT
"Andrew Thompson" <> wrote in message

On Jul 14, 5:26 pm, "Karl Uppiano" <> wrote:

(moderated group)

..It seems the
idea would have to be circulated, and if enough people were interested in
doing so, then the party is on.

The one thing I can tell you is that it seems a lot
easier to establish a group in the usenet hierarchy,
than it is to change it. Based on that, I strongly
recommend taking great care with how you initially
define the group description and process.

For example, would a new group even attempt to make
the kinds of distinction between topics that are
implied by the existing* hierarchy?

My initial inclination was only to moderate the
group, and not the entire hierarchy. More specifically, create a new group, The unmoderated version would go on as
always. I'm not sure technically, how newsgroup names map to actual message
storage, or how messages propagate through newsgroups on the server side,
but someone could conceivably post to the unmoderated group, and see their
articles there immediately, whereas a moderator would filter the messages to
the moderated group, with some unavoidable delay.

My feeling is that most noobs have enough trouble
telling Java from JavaScript, let alone whether an
question about an applet failing to connect to a
servlet is best suited to c.l.j.gui, a programmer
group, or an EE specific group.

A moderator could help with this by rejecting posts to the wrong newsgroups.
I have had posts bounce back to my email when I violated some posting rule
or another -- usually the amount of quoted text. Of course, one has to
provide a real email address to benefit from rejection notification. I have
even seen moderators move an article to a more appropriate newsgroup out of
the goodness of their heart. That's not typical, though.

As an aside, I don't know if it is technically
possible, but if the moderator could 'hold up/delay
for inspection' any posts from an unknown origin
(especially new topics), yet have a list of 'trusted
sources' that are immediately passed, that might be
able to largely alleviate the delays that slow threads
to a crawl.

If a poster goes a predetermined number of posts without a rejection, they
could be whitelisted. If other users start registering complaints of spammy
or trollish behavior, the moderator could pull them off the whitelist, and
return them to plebe status.

If any people on the 'trusted list' descend into
spammish or trollish behaviour, they get maybe
2-3 posts through before the mod. notices and
removes them from the list.

Yeah, like that. Earning whitelist status would generally be considered a
badge of honor, and most sensible people would not intentionally jeopardize
that status.

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