Re: Avoiding INI files

From: (Stefan Ram)
26 Nov 2011 19:04:44 GMT
markspace <-@.> writes:

See the subject line -- avoiding .ini files.

I'm still confused. What does the windows registery have to do with ini

  One can think of some properties both have in common. For example,
  both are used for information storage.

  Whether one has to use one of them, or, whether one can avoid to
  use one of them, depends on the given job definition (scope of work,

  So the OP might give a wording of an assignment (what does
  he want to accomplish using Java?) to obtain suggestions for
  an implementation using Java as answers.

  And we also have this advice:

      ?repeat your topic or question in the body of a new post
      - many Usenet users do not routinely read the subject
      line and might be irritated by having to backtrack to
      see what you were actually asking about?

      ?Please repeat the question in the body of your message?

    Keith Thompson in comp.lang.c

  One additional reason for this, is that the subject line
  usually cannot be quoted easily in order to refer to it.

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