Re: Struts: bean:write error: No getter method for property:

"" <>
Thu, 10 Apr 2008 07:16:53 -0700 (PDT)
On 10 Apr, 11:46, ""
<> wrote:

I've a problem using Struts 1.2

I have a bean VisualizzaVeicoloForm

public class VisualizzaVeicoloForm extends ActionForm {
        Veicolo veicolo = null;
        public Veicolo getVeicolo() {
                return veicolo;
        public void setVeicolo(Veicolo veicolo) {
                this.veicolo = veicolo;

        String getTarga(){
                return veicolo.getTarga();


public class Veicolo extends AbstractVeicolo implements {
private Integer veicoloId = null;
        private Utente utente = null;
        private String targa = null;
        private String modello = null;
        private String marca = null;
        private Integer anno = null;
public String getTarga() {
                return targa;


my JSP:
                <title>JSP for VisualizzaVeicoloForm form</title>
                <html:form action="/visualizzaVeicolo">
                <bean:define id="veicolo" value="visualizzaVeicoloForm"
                <bean:write property="targa" name="veicolo"/>

I have the following error: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: No getter
method for property: "targa" of bean: "veicolo"

struts config file seems ok!

May someone help me?
Thank you!

I solved the problem usin "nested" tag.

Thank you!

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