Re: Good tool for developing Swing based GUI

Lew <>
Wed, 23 May 2007 15:10:57 -0400
Patricia Shanahan wrote:

Isn't it necessary, though, to choose what to learn?

I'm about as committed to reducing my own ignorance as anyone, a full
time student with 32 years industry experience.

If I just wanted to make a graphical display work, I might choose to do
whatever would achieve that with the minimal learning effort on my part,
not because I don't want to learn in general but because I just don't
have time to learn even everything that strongly interests me.

My complaint isn't about smart people making choices about what to learn with
limited time and energy, but about people completely refusing to understand
what is going on.

Your statement, "I'm about as committed to reducing my own ignorance as
anyone," shows you as one of the Good Guys. It is those who say, "I never
need to learn because the Auto-Frabjulous Code Generator does all the work for
me" that I excoriate.

For example I've worked with people who knew what methods the Struts API had
but nothing about the Model-View-Controller paradigm behind it, and showed no
interest in learning more, on a team with several consecutive Struts projects
where that lack of knowledge was causing harm.

The trouble with how I made my point, perhaps, is that I was speaking in
absolutes about situations that manifest as relative. I should never generalize.

A very wise head in software told me that a responsible practitioner spends
20% again their work time in study and learning.


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