Re: What's NetBeans written in?

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Fri, 13 Jul 2007 08:44:08 -0400
Philipp Leitner wrote:

Why is NetBeans so much faster than Eclipse (in terms of UI
responsiveness, compilation, etc)?

Is it? I always shyed away from Netbeans because I had the impression
that it was so terribly slow (on my slightly outdated iBook G4) ...
granted, Eclipse also doesn't win a price on general responsiveness,
but it at least feels a lot quicker than Netbeans on my machine.

Maybe NetBeans is just plain better written. I've always preferred it to Eclipse.

There are more metrics than UI speed. The consistency and ease of use of the
UI are arguably much more important. To my mind, NetBeans is much easier to
use and has a richer feature set. It's much easier to deploy apps via
NetBeans, for me, and to deploy and connect to app servers, databases and the
like. By comparison I find the Eclipse UI much more recalcitrant and hard to
navigate. Both IDEs tend to hide important aspects of the build, such as
library inclusion, from the developer, but both export the needed libraries to
the deployment artifacts. NetBeans also has that nice Matisse plugin for
developing Swing apps.

NetBeans also has better features for folding in the Struts or JSF frameworks
and for SOAP Web services development.

But lest we fall into the trap of fighting
developers should be free to pick their own editors. They all emit text, and
all feed the same project build process, so at the project-management level
the differences vanish.


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