Re: Desktop Java app. vs. JSP app.

 Daniel Pitts <>
Sun, 19 Aug 2007 19:44:00 -0000
On Aug 19, 9:13 am, RP <> wrote:

 I am planning to develop a client/server app. for a department. The
database will reside on a server in the same building. The app. will
be accessed on LAN for this building only. I want to know whether I
should use Java desktop app. installed on all clients or a JSP app.

Which is better in terms of performance?

You haven't given us enough information to give you performance

If you anticipate a lot of client-side calculations that can't be done
in javascript, then you probably want a Java or Applet. Consider Java
WebStart for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you can keep all the heavy work done on the
server side, and you want a web-based application, use Servlets (Not
just JSP, look into frameworks, such as Spring, with Spring Web Flow,
or Struts, etc...)

Also, if you have to ask "Which technology should I use?", you are NOT
ready to ask "What do I need to use for performance?", If you have a
clear understanding of your business requirements, then the underlying
technology should be almost obvious.

Good Luck,

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