Re: solving the browser doens't send unchecked values in request"

Lew <>
Sun, 09 Sep 2007 12:46:07 -0400
<> wrote:


we have a homegrown framework in which we just discovered a bug, that
when the browser doens't send uncheckd fields on the request, our
boolean values on our session scoped object do not get updated.

i know about the reset solution of struts, i was wondering if anyone
else had other solution to this problem

(i was suggested to generate automatic java script code which creates
a hidden field for each checkbox, and updates it when the checkbox is

(Ignoring the suggestion of a JS hack. You could write a CGI off Apache Web
Server to fix it, too, but that begs the question every bit as much.)

Since you know the field names in question, e.g., "fooCheck", in your servlet
request processor you simply take null == getParameter( "fooCheck" ) as a
symptom that it was not checked, and update your object accordingly. No need
to get fancy.

(BTW, the word "I", the first-person singular pronoun in English, is
capitalized, as is "Struts", the name of the Apache MVC web framework.)


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