Re: Resin 3 + Struts problem with JSP compilation

Lew <>
Mon, 10 Sep 2007 19:11:49 -0400
Ambar wrote:

The part of the jsp causing the problem is:

(quote: newlines doubled so newsreaders won't eliminate them)

<logic:iterate id="driverValues"

name="SingleUserLocReportInitializer" property="teamMembers"

type="java.util.Hashtable"><html:option value='<

%=driverValues.get("USER_ID").toString()%>'> <


(END quote)

Is this where the newlines fall in your actual JSP source (obviously not
doubled)? I'm not sure what happens if you put a newline between the opening
angle bracket and the percent sign in a "<%=" expression, but surely it messes
up the ability to read the content as scriptlet.

If that isn't where the newlines appear in your actual source, then that
doesn't apply and you should reconsider how you post code to Usenet.

I'd say in that case that either "USER_ID" or "NAME" is missing.

states that the logic:iterate type attribute holds the

[f]ully qualified Java class name of the element to be exposed
through the JSP bean named from the id attribute. If not present,
no type conversions will be performed.
NOTE: The actual elements of the collection must be assignment-
compatible with this class, or a request time ClassCastException will occur.

This tells me that your "driverValues" is a Hashtable which in turn is an
element of the collection held in the "teamMembers" property of
"SingleUserLocReportInitializer". Is that correct?

I can't see the rest of the JSP, so I have to ask. Are you sure that
"SingleUserLocReportInitializer" is declared at that point in the JSP, either
through <jsp:useBean> (preferred) or <bean:define>?

Incidentally since you aren't leveraging the synchronized nature of Hashtable
calls it's not helpful to use the archaic java.util.Hashtable class.


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