Re: After I try latest of Netbean and Eclipse I wonder if have Another beter IDE?

Mark Space <>
Wed, 26 Mar 2008 12:04:23 -0700
CK wrote:

Words to the wise, Mark Space <> wrote:

mttc wrote:

I use with VS2005 of microsoft. I want to move to JAVA. bu I try
Eclipse and I disappointment. the IDE is crash from time totime and
It's not campareable with VS. I try also Netbean. but I think that
JAVA worth for beter IDE.
So what is the best IDE (even commercial)?

NetBeans is the best that I have tried. What did you not like about it?

Try IntelliJ.

Could you tell me what you think IntelliJ does better than NetBeans?
(Or what IntelliJ does well, if you don't know NetBeans.) I like NB a
lot but I'm always on the look out for productivity enhancers.

How does IntelliJ work for things other than straight Java? Does it work
for C, C++ and PHP? Does it have templates for projects like plain web
apps (JSP/Servlets), Struts, JSF? What about adding other downloaded
objects like Dojo and JMaki to a web app?

I haven't tried any code weaving with NetBeans but that might be next.

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